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COVID-19 Kills - But Hunger Kills More

The Severe Effects of COVID-19 Post Lockdown: COVID-RELIEF NIGERIA

Since the Lockdown measures were put in place to curtail the spread of the very contagious COVID-19 virus in Nigeria, the people who have been hit the most by the drastic effects of the Lockdown are the vulnerable Nigerians living in the satellite towns and villages.

widows jikwoyi 2Jikwoyi is one of such communities.

A remote area located in the outskirts of Abuja, the inhabitants who live in this locale mostly rely on petty trade for their daily source of income and food. This has proven to be very difficult as the post Lockdown effects still hinders their abilities to fend for their families. Join COLLETT as we help provide immediate relief to these people while also helping them learn the necessary skills for their financial empowerment and social development to build a more resilient community for the long term!


Collet Girl JikOn the 8th of May 2020, we visited the Jikwoyi community amidst the Lockdown and provided emergency relief packages to the most vulnerable inhabitants of the area. Unfortunately, we discovered that the relief packages which contained food, face masks, and sanitary items were not enough to cater to the very large crowd seeking our aid.

So we decided to launch our "COVID Relief Nigeria" project, a passionate program that combines short-term relief packages with skill acquisition training and small business mentorship.

Your support will help the residents of Jikwoyi and other communities in the future to not only survive the pandemic, but also be equipped to rebuild their livelihoods in its aftermath.


  • Material support in the form of food distribution helps residents who have lost their income due to the ongoing lockdown measures.
  • Skills training and small business mentoring helps them navigate through the crisis and create a stable source of income for themselves. They will be aided with seed capital to start or restart a small business enterprise.
  • Once they are able to pay back the seed capital, it can benefit the next set of participants. The training can continue to help residents of Jikwoyi and other communities long after the pandemic.

Our program will be open to all ages, but focuses on the most vulnerable people in the community - women (especially widows) and young people who have lost their source of income due to the effects of the coronavirus.


With just $12'500.00, we can empower 50 beneficiaries. With $25'000.00 we can double that to 100 beneficiaries and so on, to accelerate change and sustainable poverty eradication within the Jikwoyi community. Many others will also benefit from the added income their parents, sons, daughters or spouses will bring home. Your support helps people pave their way out of poverty!

Help the people of Jikwoyi to get back on their own two feet - support us with a small donation today!

Can't afford to give? We understand. You can still help our vision by sharing this campaign with family, friends or acquaintances.

Thank you so much.TitusTobi


We are COLLETT - an organization that links Education and Employment via practical trainings and courses. We see education as a great tool to combat poverty, unemployment and social ineptness.

We are currently active in Nigeria, with a support association based in Switzerland. Find us at, or

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