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COLLETT FOUNDATION OUTREACH - #helpourwidows Featured

Charity visit to the Esu Jikwoyi Palace, Jikwoyi Abuja, Nigeria.

As they say, charity begins at home. The foundation decided to reach out to its host community to ensure and aid the welfare of its hosts in these trying pandemic times.

The pandemic has inflicted greatly significant damage to a lot of economies. At the root of these economies, we find the people who have lost their jobs, businesses, and means of daily earnings. The stay at home order that was declared while doing a lot of good has also done a lot of harm especially to the poor and less – privileged among us.

While we depend on our government to handle more complex issues as Economic recovery, it is commendable that well-meaning foundations and individuals try to provide assistance to individuals who are most vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic.

COLLETT foundation understands the need to make an impact on the community where it resides and this outreach was one of the means she devised to do so.

The widows of the community were selected as the beneficiaries of the exercise. Considering that a lot of them would have a larger burden on their shoulders with their petty businesses being completely interrupted with no alternatives to be able to provide food for their dependents. Desperation in these times would cause a lot of people to go against the stay at home order as they wouldn’t want to see their loved ones starve. Flouting the order would result in a great risk of exposure to them, to their dependents and indirectly to their immediate community; hence obtaining external aid would help them reduce taking a lot of risk.

Material relief packages were distributed to the multitude of women that came out to participate in the exercise. We were able to meet with some of them individually one of whom was Mama Abelo who had a business of making bean cakes (akara) as a source of income. This is a business that has to be done daily while interacting with a multitude of patrons. The lockdown delivered a severe blow to her as this was the only means she had to provide for herself and for her children.

The people at COLLETT were extremely sympathetic to the plight of these women and this exercise was done as more than social responsibility.

The organization is using this means to reach out to other well-meaning individuals and organization to ask for donations that will be put towards providing aid to these women and to others that are most vulnerable to these difficult times. A GoFundMe account was set up for these purpose and we humbly ask for donations as well as a propagation of this link and article to be able to garner enough support to make meaningful and a more widespread impact.

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