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Find out how we empower
African youth & their communities

COLLETT Foundation Nigeria was founded in early 2019 as a non-profit organization with the vision to impact and empower Africans with the skills and knowledge needed to boost their proficiency and marketability to multinational enterprises worldwide.

At COLLETT, we believe that the economic divide is created when educational and social systems do not keep pace with our ever-changing world and this has greatly affected the quality of life in our communities.

By virtue of this, we have focused our programs and projects to objectively fix the various systems responsible for fostering poverty in the lives of many Africans over the years.

Here are some of our Organization’s goals:

  • To have reduced the level of unemployment among our indigenously trained University Graduates by 50% come 2030.
  • To support social and infrastructural development in more rural communities and satellite towns by 2030.
  • To aid the global vision of pollution reduction especially in Africa by training communities on proper waste management and recycling.

We are helping to inspire change within the shores of our great Continent and we believe you can do the same. Find out how…

About the COLLETT Foundation

Our mission is to train and retrain young adults to acquire the professional skills necessary for gainful employment in Africa.

Our vision is to increase the employability and value creation of Africans in Africa.

“COLLETT has truly inspired me to be more hardworking and determined to develop my capacity and expertise for a fulfilling career.” --Grace James, participant “Paradigm Shift”

“Through COLLETT I received training on Paint Production and now I have started my own little business to provide for my family. I am so grateful to them for this opportunity.” --John Odido, participant “PPES”

Imagine the Goal:
Transforming Nigeria Together

Breast Cancer Awareness program

Imagine a country where unemployment rates are at record lows. Imagine a nation where university students graduate with the skills to compete internationally. Picture a country where people's talents can unfold regardless of their economic background. Nigeria is still a long way from being such a country, but we at COLLETT Foundation are working towards this future.

Our projects align with some of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 1: No Poverty; Goal 4: Quality Education (see our Graduate Refresher Trainings); Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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